by Linda Cloutier

Sunday, May 22, 2011

How I Met Two Food Network Challenge Competitors!

Since there's so little going on competition-wise at the moment I thought I'd take the opportunity to share about a recent class I took. I spent a wonderful day at Intricate Icings, Rechael Teufel's beautiful cake shop in Erie, CO taking a Make Your Own Lace Molds class with James Roselle. Rachael, along with her very talented assistant, Avalon, was a gracious and generous hostess. James was charming, exceedingly nice, and a great teacher! Mold making was something intriguing to me that I had never done before.

We started out by learning how to make silicone molds from our lace. It was really fun seeing what kind of lace everyone brought. Rachael graciously let us use her brooches to make additional molds. While the molds were setting up, we covered our cake dummies with Fondarific fondant. Very nice, I must say. James (and Rachael, too!) gave us lots of tips and tricks for covering cakes! Once they were stacked, it was time to unveil the molds. Here's mine:

My original lace and its mold

A mold of one of Rachael's brooches
We then used our molds and fondant to decorate our cakes! I made borders and cut-out blossoms with mine but I left with an unfinished cake.

I had brought the pink hydrangeas with me.
Here's all of us with our cakes:

People l to r: Molly, Erin, me, Renee, James
Cakes l to r: Renee, me, James, Erin, Molly
So, now I've armed myself with silicone plastique and went on a mini shopping spree at Mill Outlet Fabric Shop, the best fabric store ever, and purchased several pieces of lace, and trims, and buttons and can't wait to start playing!