by Linda Cloutier

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Sweet Times in the Rockies 2012 Part 1

I am amazed to realize that it's been five months since I've posted! Once the Colorado State Fair was over with in September, I got more involved in cake decorating competitions by volunteering to be on the Sweet Times in the Rockies Cake Show Committee. Incredible, how much work goes on behind the scenes of a cake show.

While my original plan included three cakes, I ultimately ended up just entering two. I'm so glad I decided to nix the 3rd cake. Way too much on my plate those last few weeks leading up to the show!

Entry #1

A Vintage Lace Bridal Fan, inspired by my own bridal flowers, from 28 years ago!

Division 6- Adult Advanced
Category: Celebration Cakes

I won 2nd place!
Vintage Lace Bridal Fan

Here's a picture of the 3rd place cake in that category:

...and the first place, which also won Best in Division (Go, Sadie!):

Entry #2

"Hearts and Flowers", a fun, tongue-in-cheek Valentine's Day wedding cake, inspired by all the sweet, bright, silly Valentine's Day decorations at my local craft store!

Division 6- Adult Advanced
Category: Tiered Cakes

This cake also won 2nd place in its category!

Hearts and Flowers
This is the bow on top of the open box:


Here's a picture of the 3rd place cake in that category:

...and the first place.

In my next post, there'll more pictures of my cakes, with details on the techniques and materials used. As I've done in the past, I'll break down how I did score-wise and discuss what the judges liked (and didn't like) about my cakes.

Thanks for reading!