by Linda Cloutier

Competition Tips and Tricks

#1 Yes, you are good enough to enter a competition!

#2 Read the rules and follow them. Don't enter a lower category to do better. It's cheating, plain and simple.

#3 Extend your decoration to your cake board. A nicely dressed cake board will go a long way in showing off your cake creation. I have consistently received positive feedback/praise when I take my boards to the "next level".

#4 A well executed design, even if simple, will most likely do better than a poorly executed, more elaborate design.

#5 Follow your intuition. In my case, I was concerned about the end result of my color choices on a cake. Turns out so were the judges, and I lost points for a too bold color palette.

#6 Pay attention to the every last detail! Your sister's friend's cousin may not notice but judges certainly will. Yes, it was worth the extra time/work trimming any and all ragged little edges off my cutouts when a judge says "cuts are fantastic".